Saturday, September 29, 2018 marks the last day for the current prices in our book sales areas.  We invite everyone to join us one more time for adult and young adult hardbound and softbound books for just $1.00, paperback and children’s softbound books at 50 cents each, and Audiobooks, DVD’s and Cd’s for $1 (“as is”).  We will also have complimentary coffee, tea, and doughnuts from 10 am to 1 pm.  
Beginning Monday, October 1, we will raise the prices of our sales books.  Our current prices have been in effect for more than four years.  
It will still be a great deal to buy used adult hardbound and softbound books at just $2 each.   Under our new prices our paperbacks will be $1; young adult hardbound/softbound books for $2 and children’s hardbound/softbound books for $1.00.  Cd’s, DVD’s and Audiobooks $2 each (“as is”).  As always, magazines are free. These prices are valid unless otherwise marked.