We invite you to join us at our Halloween party for children of all ages. Saturday, October 27 from 5 pm to 7 pm. There will be carnival like games, prizes, and treats for all. No need for tricks! We also invite our community to help support the goodies that we will all enjoy that night. Please note that we will close the Library at 1 pm that day so as to give us time to set up for the party.

If your child needs community service hours for school, please let them know that we will award three hours of community service for a tray of cupcakes, brownies, cookies or sandwiches that they prepare.

Store bought items are also welcomed. Remember, though, that we can give community service hours only for items that the students prepare.

We will also award community service hours services for young adults (12 – 18) who help run the games. Sign up by calling us at 787-789-4600 or by reply to this email.

Thanks so much for helping to make our Halloween party a safe and fun time for one and all!