Paper Flowers:  Library member Gabriela Hurtado will offer her paper flower workshop this coming Tuesday, September 24 from 10 am – 12 pm.  Students will make Halloween and Harvest decorations.  Ages 12 and up.  The cost is $20 and includes materials.  Questions? Please call Gabriela at 787-205-0532.   

Photo Op:   For our new  campaign “Stronger Together, ” we will include a group photo.  Please join us on Saturday, September 28 at 11 am for this photo op.    Together, let us continue to serve our island with the resource and services of San Juan Community Library!     

By popular request, Blind Date* with a Book, will return on Sat, Sept. 28.   Come early and take one home, since they’ll be available while they last!  $2 per book.   Also, take the opportunity to shop around our book sales area. 

*Blind Dates are books which our volunteers have wrapped up in mailing paper.  They have written hints about the book and its genre on the front cover.  Take a chance and find the love of your life!  

Save the Date:  Saturday, October 26.  Time for our famous Halloween party with carnival-like games and fun for children and their families!  5 pm – 7 pm.