The AAUW of Puerto Rico has kicked off a campaign to close the gender pay gap in Puerto Rico. Closing this gap means greater financial security for Puerto Rico’s women and their families.

The campaign centers on a free online salary negotiation course called Work Smart. AAUW is not just offering this seminar, it is avidly working to get 10 million U.S. women to take it during the next five years:  AAUW of Puerto Rico wants 40,000 women in Puerto Rico to take the course! It is an ambitious goal and the San Juan Community Library is helping to publicize the program.  Library patrons may also see social media and promotional materials that support this effort. A seminar may be offered in the future in the library. The Public Policy Chair for AAUW of Puerto Rico, Joanne Marti sees this a unique opportunity for women in Puerto Rico to improve their lives with just a small investment in time. The free online seminar takes about 1-2 hours to complete. To take the course, go to

AAUW of Puerto Rico is a long-time supporter of the San Juan Community Library, most recently demonstrated by the donation of the book collection called “Stand Up Women” inaugurated in 2019. For more information about this project, contact Ms. Marti at