Our Library mourns the loss of its President Troy Fields. He has left us a legacy of brilliant leadership, loyal-lion hearted strength, and a lifetime of joy, wisdom and guidance.

Troy served many nonprofit organizations throughout Puerto Rico. He was also a past President of Rotary Club of San Juan, The Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, and Union Church.

We are grateful to him for always giving time and service above self to serve our nonprofit library. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and his beloved wife Anabel.

Last week our Library’s board of directors accepted Troy’s resignation as President with a heavy heart. We are thankful to Troy for working to the last minute with the transition to a new executive board. We welcome Claudio Reck as our President and Abelardo Ruiz, Jr. as our Vice President. New members Georgie Hildebrand and MarinĂ©s Rivera have joined the board and Sherman Wildman will serve as our Special Advisor. They are joined by Andrew Moore as Treasurer, Connie Estades as Executive Director and Vocals Nazli Iqbal, Joe Martinez, Joe Sampson, and Gustavo Velez. Troy has left our library in excellent hands.