Update on our February 13 “Drive-Thru Read and Feed Giveaway”

By 10:30 am we had given away 60 books and boxes–that was half of our inventory.  By 12:15 pm all of the 120 boxes had found their new homes.  We are very grateful to Noahs Ark Publishing Services and the Banco de Alimentos PR for sponsoring this activity along with our library.  Noahs Ark Publishing’s President Laval Belle is the creator of this event, and they have held it in all of the 50 states.  They are going global and will start these same inspired activities in Africa!  We also want to thank all of our student volunteers–we had over 20 young student volunteers help distribute the food and books.  Thanks to Baldwin School and to Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas. Stay tuned for a video that we have of our event.  

Read and Feed Giveaway