Celebrate Women’s History Month–New Book Collection

We are so excited that March is Women’s History Month! Last year, the pandemic lockdown started mid-March. We have come so far in twelve months! May we all continue to recover from the devastating effects of Covid-19. And now, we want to begin March 2021 on a bright note.
We have just received a second wave of book donations from the San Juan chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). They have generously donated 24 titles to add to the books for younger readers that they donated to us in 2019. The entire collection is entitled “Stand-Up Women.” The new collection contains books of history and contemporary importance for adult readers. Stop by and check out a title. Don’t wait….the books are already being checked out!!

The International Women’s Day website encourages us all to “Take action for equality.” One way we can do that is for women to learn how to negotiate for better salaries.

AAUW has a self-paced online workshop that will help participants to determine their market worth based on skills, experience, performance, qualifications and responsibilities on the job. This workshop is free! Take on the salary challenge and take action for equality!

Click here to participate: salary.aauw.org