Back to School Celebration and Presentation of The Arab-American Collection

Thanks to everyone for joining us last Saturday for our “Back to School Celebration and Presentation of The Arab-American Collection.” Thanks to a donation from the KNET Foundation, we now have a collection of over 60 new books for children, young adults, and adults. The Foundation seeks to strengthen the bridge between Arab & Puerto Rican cultures. The new collection gives us a window into the Arab culture and its parallels with our own Puerto Rican culture. The books are available for checkout now. Thanks to our donors Khaled and Noha E. Taha and their foundation for this special collection. We also appreciated the donation of 50 giveaway tshirts for the event. Everyone was thrilled to have one!!
A total of 70 patrons and visitors joined us. We recorded our highest total for book sales at 50% off for a record setting $254! Twenty people took advantage of our blast to the past membership fee of just $2 (10 renewals and 10 new memberships). We wound up with a net income of $212. Although the activity was not a fundraiser, it raised our awareness for other cultures and supported our library. The enthusiasm was tremendous and we are honored by everyone’s participation at a challenging moment.

Thank you all for an incredible event!