Book Club and Summer Reading Contest

SJCL Book Club for ages 40 and up:  Our book club had its first meeting on June 23, and it was great!  We’ll meet again on July 7 at 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm.  There is still time to join, so feel free to participate.  A unique feature or our new book club is that you select your own book to read and to discuss, and to recommend it or not.  No need to have everyone read the same book by a certain date. 
Summer Reading Contest:  We congratulate our young readers, as we have 46 participants this summer!  Stop by if you need a “tracker sheet” and to register your coupons for the raffle of the reading tablets (one per each family member).  
***The last day for submissions is Saturday, July 9.  We will call the winners on Monday, July 11.  Tablets may be picked up on July 12 or 13 or after the summer break (July 14 – July 30).  
Happy Reading from our Library family to yours!