Summer Reading Contest, Father’s Day Project

We are so pleased to have 25 readers signed up for our second edition of “Reading for the Community.”  We are excited as these readers have chosen the benefits of recreational reading during their long-awaited summer break.  Recreational reading is our library’s middle name!  
We celebrate children and young adults who chose to read and who make their own reading selections.  We know that recreational reading for children increases their vocabulary and general knowledge while also enhancing their self esteem and their reading comprehension.  Recreational reading also provides a wonderful way to relieve boredom and  stress.  The bottom line is that recreational reading is FUN!  
Please join your friends who have signed up for this opportunity to help the library (every book represents a $1 for our budget to buy new eBooks for young adults and children).  And, every book read equals a coupon for our raffle of 5 reading tablets.  Finally, every book read represents $1 that you pledge to your favorite charity.  If you read 20 books and you love a charity that takes care of animals, for example, you are encouraged to donate $20 to that charity.  If you need recommendations for local charities, please contact us and we will help connect you.  
Share our email with a friend!   Happy Reading!

Father’s Day is around the corner and we are excited to celebrate by building a fun foam toolbox for you to give to dad (or grandpa)! Join us on Wednesday June 15, 2022 between 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. to make this craft and read the story “Papa and Me”.