Story and Project / Open House 2022

We hope everyone is safe and sound after TS Fiona. The Library is open again, and we are so happy to see everyone!  It has been a busy week so far!!  Come on in and bring back books out on your account and check out some more!

We are not charging fines from Saturday, September 17 through Saturday, October 1.  ‘

Hispanic Heritage Month:  In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we have a wide variety of titles on display at our suggested reading table.  There are selections for children, young adults and adults  in both English and Spanish, fiction and nonfiction. We have also purchased several new ebooks for our digital branch in recognition of this important theme.  Log on via the Libby app  and click “Just added” to see the titles available.

Story and Craft Time:  Our next story and craft time is Wednesday, October 5.  Drop by between 11 am to 3 pm to make a craft celebrating the maritime (hint it’s yellow and can travel below the water).  Ages 3 – 7  
Open House on Oct. 22 and 35 Ways to Count How We Love Our Library:  Join us Saturday, October 22 for our 35th anniversary celebration.  Starting at 10:30 am, we will host an open house that day.  Twenty  “Blast from the Past” memberships will be available ($2 for an annual family membership).  All sales books will be $5 a bag (grocery store size–your bag or ours). 
From 10:30 am – 12:00 pm, our art teachers Cuca and Tuti Torrech will offer a complimentary art project for adults and teens.  There is space for 12 participants to make a handmade book perfect for journaling.  Preregistration is not required, but highly recommended.  Please call the Library to reserve your space.  787-789-4600
We are also hosting a complimentary catered luncheon with live music at 12 pm.  
And, we want to include you in the fun.  Please take a moment to share with us one way that you love San Juan Community Library.  Your stories are important.  We know from your emails that students who have spent time reading at our library have become authors, teachers and librarians.  Other people have typed letters and resumes and printed important documents. We have proctored a wide variety of tests, including tests for students at both the high school and college level and examinations for various professions. More than 40 sea captains have passed their examinations here at our library!
We are grateful to everyone for their support and we want to share the story of your time here.  Send us an email to and  share with us how we have made a positive difference in your life.  We are excited to see the list of “35 Ways to Count How We Love our Library.”