WOW Thank you 😍

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  We are AMAZED at the turnout for our Back to School Book Fest.  Throughout the day we counted 100 people in attendance!  The Blast from the Past Memberships FLEW out the door.  Our children’s storytime was full!  Thanks to Danielis Morales for a fantastic storytime selection (Georgina Lazaro’s El Flamboyán Amarillo) and related craft “Let art bloom in your heart.”  The children didn’t want to stop their artwork, and many families stayed on to read books of their own choosing!  

The cake and juice sustained us all.  Thanks to everyone who brought something to share.

We are so happy that people renewed their memberships.  Many books were returned under the amnesty policy, and we are glad to have both the books and our members back with us!!

And, the book sales have helped to empty the sales shelves.  We sold nearly $500 in used books in less than 4 hours!!!  WOW!!!

Thank you all for your participation.  We are thrilled with this past Saturday’s activity.