End of year

As we say goodbye to 2023, we remember that the end of the year is the perfect time to make a year end contribution to your library.  Memberships, sales, fines and other income all help to keep our library’s doors open.  These fees are a treasured and vital part of our annual income.  We thank all our donors for their contributions throughout the year.  However, these revenue sources are only a part of our annual budget.  
Our library is exempt for both local and federal tax reporting purposes.  Your additional support this year will help to ensure our work in 2024.  The quickest and easiest way to donate is through the PayPal Giving Fund.  100% of your donation will support us.  Here is the link to our library on this wonderful platform for nonprofits:  
We can also receive your contribution onsite at the Library via check.  We will provide you a with a receipt for a tax-exempt contribution.  You may also mail a donation to our P.O.Box:
San Juan Community Library
P.O. Box 3758
Guaynabo, PR  00970-3758
Thank you so much for your consideration and support!  
Another perfect timing for our library is a donation from the artist Wanda Cordero.  As we noted last week, Wanda has donated several paintings to our library.   The prices are very reasonable.  Wanda has allowed you to select the price!  Please call or email us to let us know which painting you are interested in: Dancer, Trees or Inner Colors.